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Employee Owned


SureFire Ag Systems is an employee owned company that practices open book management.  We believe our people ESOP logoare our greatest asset at SureFire.  Employee ownership and open book management let us tap into every employee’s enthusiasm, intelligence and creativity to build an enduring business.

We have visited and studied Springfield ReManufacturing Corporation (SRC) in Springfield, Missouri.  They are a pioneering employee owned company that has shared their success story so companies like SureFire can learn.  We strive to customize open book management principles to propel SureFire’s future growth and success.

We created our Employee Stock Ownership Plan in 2010.  In 2012, the ESOP included 14 employees. Today the ESOP includes 33 employees who own about 15.68% of SureFire Ag Systems.  More employees will become eligible to join the ESOP in future years.