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About Us

SureFire Ag specializes in providing solutions for the control and application of liquid and dry fertilizer, seed, and chemical the SureFire way.

We believe in looking beyond convention to be an innovating leader in a dynamic industry. Our team brings experience in equipment engineering, crop input application and customer service to your field. Our products and services have reached customers across the United States and internationally.

We believe in providing you not only solutions, but reliable communication and excellent service as well. Whether it is a follow up phone call or an on-site install, the SureFire team has you covered. We pride ourselves on developing relationships with our customers and strive to not only meet your expectations —but to exceed them.

We believe in farming smarter, not harder. From simple, standard single-product liquid fertilizer application systems, to complex, custom-designed systems, SureFire Ag is committed to helping you farm the way you want.Click to visit site

SureFire Electronics is a subsidiary of SureFire Ag, which was born out of the need for high-quality wire harnessing and electronics in the booming SureFire Ag products. Frustrated with sub-standard quality, delivery dates not being met and poor communication, SureFire Electronics was established with the goal to bring high-quality electronics products into the precision ag market. SureFire Electronics was an immediate success and has not only improved the SureFire Ag product, but expanded into several other markets in the region and all over the United States.

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