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Company History

SureFire Company History

SureFire Ag Systems was founded in August 2007 by Blaine and Erin Ginther, Josh and Lisa Wolters, and Matt Wolters.  At that time, GPS technology was being rapidly adopted by many farmers.  Along with the GPS technology, an opportunity existed to help producers more precisely apply fertilizer, chemical, seed and other crop inputs.  SureFire was created to help producers become more efficient by applying the right product, in the right place, at the right rate.

In January 2008, SureFire had seven full and part time employees.  Our warehouse was a steel building erected around 1950.  Our office was the 1930’s farmhouse on the same farmstead.  The only investors in the business were the founding owners.  To succeed, we had to generate cash by making sales immediately.  More importantly, we began building relationships with our customers that set the stage for five years of impressive growth.

After a very busy spring in 2011, we were bursting out of our initial facilities.  We worked with our landlord, Eddie Johnson and his wife Marie Helene Lussier, to plan for new facilities on the same site that would allow SureFire to continue to grow.  We moved into the new warehouse in December 2011 and the offices in March 2012.

In June 2013, we expanded the warehouse again.  This allowed the old steel building to be completely remodeled into an engineering building.  In December 2013, the engineering team moved into their new offices.  They now have 2500 square feet of office space with 2500 square feet of lab and test engineering space in one building.

SureFire is an Employee-Owned Company that practices open book management.  We have learned the Great Game of Business from the SRC companies in Springfield, MO.  This philosophy has been instrumental to our growth as a company and to the growth of each individual in the company.

Milestones at SureFire Ag:

  • Currently employ 48 full-time and two seasonal employees at SureFire Ag Systems.
  • Shipped SureFire products across the United States, Canada and internationally.
  • Engineering department of seven includes three electrical engineers, one agricultural engineer and three mechanical engineers.  The varied background of these five individuals allows SureFire to create innovative products from the ground up to meet farmers future needs.
  • 12 full-time employees are focused on sales and service.  Continued growth allows individuals to focus on geographic regions which improves the services SureFire is able to offer our customers.
  • Created SureFire Electronics LLC, a subsidiary of SureFire Ag, in July 2012 to manufacture wiring harnesses for SureFire Ag Systems. SureFire Electronics was an immediate success and has not only improved the SureFire Ag product, but has expanded into other markets across the United States.  SureFire Electronics now employes 15 full-time and four seasonal employees.
  • The Dream Big Education Foundation was founded in June 2013 to increase educational opportunities for Rawlins County students. We have funded technology infrastructure improvements, Smartboards in classrooms, and the 1 to 1 Chromebook Initiative.
  • Introduced the QuickDraw spray tender system in September 2013.  This product is an automatic system to fill a sprayer with the correct amount of chemical and water for a job, which will increase our customer’s accuracy and efficiency.  This is the most complex product designed by our engineering team yet.
  • We employ On the Job Training (OJT) students from Rawlins County High School.  This program allows a student to work at SureFire for two hours per day and learn.  It is a valuable program that allows us to offer a new experience to a high school senior as they plan for another phase of education.
  • An alternative to the QuickDraw spray tender system is added to SureFire’s sprayer filling arsenal in the newly developed QuickDraw Lite in August 2016.