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Direct Seed and Save with SureFire Ag Fertilizer Systems!

SureFire Ag at Cropping Systems Conference SureFire Ag Systems is heading to the Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association’s Cropping Systems Conference in Kennewick, Washington January 10-11, 2017. This conference is geared towards educating farmers about reducing input costs in farming operations by networking with other progressive farmers, industry experts, and researchers on the latest technology, equipment and strategies to improve farming. SureFire Ag will be in booths 17 and 18 at the show presenting how they can do just that with our fertilizer systems. 

SureFire Variable Rate Fertilizer with Sunflower SeederStop by to see how the LiquiShift Variable Rate Technology and our other fertilizer systems work with Sunflower Seeders and other air seeders to achieve the widest range of on-the-go rate changes of any application system available. SureFire’s LiquiShift will allow for a flow increase of 5-6 times the minimum flow rate the system is configured for and increase the speed at which you can fertilize a field significantly. Operators can now fertilize and seed a field in one fell swoop, traveling at as high of speeds as 8-10 miles per hour, without having to stop to change the rate manually, our system allows for changes right from the driver’s seat.

When used in conjunction with new air seeder technologies in the direct seeding field, farmers can reduce fertilizer usage and carbon footprint, and increase the accuracy and speed of fertilizer application, saving farmers time and money. SureFire’s systems ensure the correct amount of fertilizer is applied, no matter the speed of the seeder.

SureFire’s fertilizer application systems are designed to work in seamlessly with air seeders such as the Sunflower. Our fertilizer systems allow customers to apply virtually any rate they desire at the push of a button or based on a variable rate prescription map through the John Deere GreenStar display and rate control. Changes can be made on the fly and operators have the ability to employ section control right from their seat, turning off certain portions of the sprayer or increasing rates to others.

Curious to learn more about the SureFire LiquiShift Variable Rate Technology fertilizer systems? Stop by our booth at the Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association’s Cropping Systems Conference and learn more from Territory Manager, Bryan Gran, and watch this short video: