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QuickDraw Takes Flight at Aerial Spraying Event

National Agriculture Aviation Association meeting with SureFireMatt Wolters, SureFire’s QuickDraw Product Manager, recently attended the 50th Annual National Agricultural Aviation Association Convention & Exposition in Long Beach, California. Pilots and aerial spraying company owners from across the country attended to learn and share industry news and updates. SureFire Ag hosted a booth in the trade show and had the opportunity to demonstrate how the QuickDraw system can make aerial spray operations more efficient and accurate.

QuickDraw has been on the market for nearly four years, providing farmers across the country automated spray tendering of there ground application machines. Recently, the team identified the potential for the QuickDraw spray tender system to be used in aerial spraying. SureFire did extensive R&D working with Sunflower Aero in Atwood, KS.

The SureFire QuickDraw is a fully automated spray tender system that allows applicators to simply enter acres or total gallons, sprayer application rate, and chemical rate per acre. QuickDraw will then calculate the amount of each chemical in the batch, including manually added chemicals. This system increases both efficiency and accuracy by automatically mixing chemicals.  To learn more about the QuickDraw system, click here.

Aerial Agricultural Spraying with the QuickDraw systemSince completing the aerial R&D phase, the QuickDraw system was introduced to agricultural aviators at the Kansas Agriculture Aviation Association and as a result of many attendees confirming QuickDraw’s ability to add value to their operation, the SureFire team headed to California for the National Convention.

The QuickDraw system was received extremely well at this convention. When asked, attendees of the Aviation Convention felt the QuickDraw automatic spray tendering system could provide the following benefits to their industry:

  • Efficiency – QuickDraw will give owners, pilots, and operators an opportunity to utilize labor more efficiently. For example, instead of having two employees on the ground to get airplane refueled and loaded with chemicals, the automatic features of the QuickDraw may be able to reduce the need to one who can perform both tasks at once.
  • Time – By automating the chemical fertilizer aspect of the process, aerial operations are able to save time loading the plane and more time spraying. This increases production and ultimately bottom lines.
  • Accuracy – With the accuracy of measurement due to a mass meter measurement system within the QuickDraw systems, operators can rely on accurate reading of chemicals which saves in overages and mistakes in chemical fertilizer mixtures.

SureFire Ag looks forward to broadening its partnership with the agricultural aviation industry in the coming years. If you want to learn more about adding the QuickDraw automatic spray tendering system to your aerial spraying operation, please contact us.