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See the Marksman System at the Potato Expo 2017!

Potato Farming - SureFire AgSureFire Ag is heading to the Potato Expo 2017 in San Francisco January 4-6, 2017! Bryan Gran, Regional Territory Manager of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, and Arizona will be manning the booth.

SureFire will be introducing one of it’s newest systems that has the potential to revolutionize the potato farming industry, the Marksman Irrigation Injection System. This automatic flow control injection system brings SureFire Ag technology proven in mobile applications, to pivot irrigation systems, effectively allowing farmers to accomplish two important tasks concurrently.

Marksman helps potato farmers manage accuracy to avoid over or under fertilization on potato crops. With the need for water management in the many regions of the United States, the Marksman allows farmers to tightly control fertilizer application in crops through the current irrigation system, saving water by avoiding the need to re-apply. The Marksman system ensures fertilization is done correctly at the right time. By implementing the Marksman system, farmers can now irrigate and fertilize in the same step.

The Marksman system also features remote control when paired with the SureFire Remote Monitoring. Users will establish remote connectivity to the system via a cell modem SureFire Ag with Potato Farmerssends data directly back to the user, on their handheld device. If for any reason, the system shuts down or needs attention, Marksman will send a text with an error alert, letting the user know exactly which center pivot needs attention.

The Marksman system saves farmers both time and money by helping to increase accuracy, increase production, and reduce the need for additional manpower. This system has been deployed in several states and has been met with great reviews.

Join SureFire Ag at the Potato Expo 2017 to see first hand just how impressive the Marksman system is. The booth will also have other SureFire products on display.

SureFire will be in booth #658, next to the lounge, at the Potato Expo 2017, be sure to stop by and to see Bryan and the rest of the SureFire equipment lineup. Click here to view a map of the trade show booth floor plan.