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Marksman Precision Irrigation Injection System Training Workshops

Marksman Precision Irrigation InjectionSureFire Marksman Precision Irrigation Injection from SureFire Ag is game changing technology for injecting fertilizer and chemicals in irrigation systems. Marksman provides growers, retailers, and consultants a line-up of new features not common in traditional fertigation and chemigation systems. Marksman increases accuracy, reduces labor, and provides accurate records of every application.

In early May, SureFire Ag will be holding product demonstration sessions in partnership with John Deere Dealers across California. We invite you to come see Marksman in action. Each session will be held at the John Deere dealership in the city listed below and will last about an hour. Each class is free, we just ask you register for planning purposes.

SureFire Ag Irrigation Fertilization Technology Workshop

Please consider joining us; the key features of the Marksman system we will be covering include:

  • Flow Measurement and Control – All Marksman models utilize SureFire E-Mag flow meter to measure, and in turn, control flow to the set application rate (GPH).
  • Remote Connectivity & Text Message Notification – Checking fertigation/chemigation is as easy as checking Twitter and Facebook. Receive text message notification of pump start/stop, start or stop pump, monitor and trouble shoot system without traveling to the field.
  • Record Keeping – Marksman keeps a complete record of every application. Every 10 minutes it logs an entry in the database which includes field number, date, time, flow rate set point, actual flow rate, pressure and batch total.
  • Shut Down Alarms – Marksman Shutdown Alarms stop the injection system and irrigation system (if connected) when the system is off rate or exceeds low or high pressure set point.
  • Water Proportional Control – Change fertilizer/chemical rate in proportion with changes in water flow rate. Especially useful with corner swing-arm systems.
  • Batch Mode – Inject set number of gallons, then turn off.
  • Auto Run on Power Up – At power up, Marksman automatically starts pumping. Automatically resumes injection after power shut down due to load control. Also use in drip irrigation to apply set batch size to each zone of a system.

Register for the SureFire Marksman training class by completing the registration form by clicking the Click Here to Register button below, or by calling us at 805-844-3258 to reserve your spot. Please feel free to bring others who may be interested in this technology.

Register for SureFire's Marksman Training Class

If you’re interested in learning more about the SureFire Ag Marksman system, but cannot attend any of the listed workshops, please contact us for more information and a customized quote.