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Order Early and Save with SureFire Ag Systems!

Order early and save with our Early Order Program now through August 31, 2017. SureFire is offering specials on Fertilizer Application Systems for planters that will hit the field in spring of 2018.

When you are discussing your new planter, consider your fertilizer application needs at the same time. We’ll work with you to configure a system, schedule shipment in September and October and delay payment until later in the year. Ask your local SureFire Ag dealer if you qualify for the 2018 Early Order Program.

SureFire Ag Tower

SureFire Liquid Fertilizer Systems are completely compatible and have the ability to be controlled by all major Ag platforms. Why add another controller to the cab when we can simply use the controller you already own? SureFire can work with you and your technology platform to make sure that you have what you need. We will provide the correct harness depending on which platform you have; you will receive everything your system needs to be successful including a high quality braided harness that will hold up better in the difficult Ag environment.

SureFire Liquid Systems are compatible with:

SureFire Ag Tower

If you do not have a controller to plug into, SureFire can provide it’s Commander II Controller. This controller is a highly accurate, very compact automatic rate controller. It allows great performance from your system, with the simplest wiring in the industry. The SureFire Commander II controller comes with a factory calibrated speed sensor that comes with a magnetic base that the customer mounts outside of the tractor with a clear view of the sky.

Order Early and Save with our Early Order Program
Take Advantage of Our Early Order Program and Save!



To bring liquid row monitoring into your existing in-cab display, SureFire introduced the Sentinel™ Liquid Row Monitor in 2015. In 2016 the Sentinel™ ISOBUS had a successful limited release.  We gained valuable information and feedback from the last years limited release that will allow us to bring new and intuitive software enhancements this season. 

Click here to learn more about the Sentinel Liquid Row Monitor system and how it can revolutionize your farming. Order early and save on this row flow/blockage monitor.


SureFire Ag LiquiShift

-Speed Changes/High Speed Planters

Faster application and/or planting speeds require larger flow ranges from your liquid application system. High-speed planters designed to work at 8-10 MPH impact fertilizer flow rates by a factor 1.5-2. High-speed liquid applicators and side dress machines create a similar scenario. LiquiShift® is ideal for all of these high speed scenarios.SureFire Ag - JDRC 2000 Application Rate

-Prescription Applications

Achieve your agronomic objectives without limitations. You will no longer narrow the range of your liquid prescriptions to get within the achievable range of a single orifice size. With 6-8 times flow capacity your agronomist is in the driver’s seat. When the analysis calls for 8 GPA in low-productive or areas with high residual nutrients you will apply 8 GPA. When the analysis calls for 45 GPA in the high productive “black-soil” region of the field, you will apply 45 GPA. No longer will you be forced to over-apply fertilizer in the poor performing areas.

-Application Rate Changes from Field to Field

Never change another orifice. LiquiShift® utilizes metering tube to achieve uniform row-to-row accuracy and automatically switches between tubes to allow dramatic rate changes from field to field. Simply set the rate in your controller and LiquiShift® automatically chooses the proper metering tube.

Click here to learn more about SureFire Ag’s LiquiShift Variable Rate Technology. Order by August 31st to save.

To learn more about SureFire Ag systems, watch this short video:

For more information about our Early Order Program, please email us at sales@surefireag.com or contact your local dealer.