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291-02-100500 Diaphragm Pump Service Kit

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291-02-100500 Diaphragm Pump Service Kit

Diaphragm & Valve Service Steps:

1. Remove inlet and outlet plumbing connections by unscrewing ring nut on inlet and outlet fitting.

2.Use extreme caution when removing and replacing drain plug, so that threads are not stripped and o-ring is not damaged. Remove drain plug from bottom of pump to drain oil from pump. Rotate pump shaft to remove all oil. Replace drain plug making sure o-ring is in place. Tighten plug to 171.4 In.Lbs.

3. Remove pump manifold(s) using a 17mm or 13 mm wrench.
D70 1 manifold 2 x 17 mm nuts (on top)
D115 1 manifold 3 x 17 mm nuts (on side)
D160 2 manifolds Each manifold has 4 sets of 2 x 13 mm nuts
D250 2 manifolds Each manifold has 6 sets of 2 x 13 mm nuts

4. Remove and replace complete valve assembly.

5. Remove the pump head.

6. Remove the diaphragm bolt, support washer and diaphragm. Turn the pump shaft to up stroke to replace diaphragm.

7. Install new diaphragm (LIQUID side up), then replace washer and bolt. Tighten to 262.5 In.Lbs.

8. Turn pump to downstroke to seat new diaphragm into the sleeve groove.

9. Replace pump head and manifold(s). Tighten pump head bolts to 350 In.Lbs. Tighten manifold nuts to 171.4 In.Lbs.

9. Refill crankcase with SAE30 non detergent oil (PumpRight Oil or hydraulic jack oil).