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Farm Smarter, Not Harder with SureFire’s Marksman

SureFire Ag's Marksman Pivot Fertilization Technology

It’s just plain common sense to apply the field’s fertilizer and chemicals at the same time as irrigation. It cuts down on labor, time, and waste. Do just that with SureFire’s new Marksman Precision Irrigation Injection system.

This revolutionary product applies the fertilizers and chemicals needed for the crops directly through the center pivots as you irrigate. Not only does it save you a step, it increases accuracy, reduces labor, and provides complete and accurate records of every application. Marksman provides producers and retailers a complete set of features not common in most fertigation and chemigation systems.

Key features of the Marksman system include:

  • Flow Measurement – All Marksman models utilize an electromagnetic flow meter to measure flow rate of fertilizer or water/chemical mixture.
  • Flow Control – Set the desired flow rate (GPH) for your application and Marksman will control the pump output to achieve the desired rate for the entire application. Marksman ensures you get the exact application you need.
  • Water Proportional Control  Marksman changes the chemical or fertilizer flow rate in response to changes in water flow such as corner swing-arm systems. Marksman ensures the correct rate is applied regardless of the swing arm position.
  • Shut Down Alarms – All Marksman systems have a variety of shut-off alarms due to empty tanks, low or high pressure, or errors. You will get a message directly to your phone to alert you of the issue.
  • Remote Connectivity – With the Marksman system, checking your fertigation and chemigation rates are now as easy as checking your email. Look at your phone, you’ll get a text message notification instantly if the application encounters a problem.
  • Data Logging – Marksman keeps a complete record of every application. Every 10 minutes it logs an entry which includes field number, date, time, flow rate set point, actual flowrate, pressure and batch total. You will know when, where and how much was applied for regulatory reporting and planning purposes.

Watch this short video to hear from the Marksman Product Manager, as well as the system engineers and dealers in the field working every day with the Marksman Precision Irrigation Injection system.

Click here to learn more about the Marksman Precision Irrigation Injection system; request a quote for the Marksman system based on your needs.

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