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Get Locked and Loaded for Spring!

As you spend this winter in your shop preparing for the upcoming spring planting season, consider adding a SureFire QuickDraw Max or QuickDraw Light to your equipment lineup. This product attaches to your spraying system and dramatically increases your efficiency and accuracy in crop spraying.

SureFire QuickDraw Max and SureFire QuickDraw Light Automatic Spray Tender SystemThe SureFire QuickDraw Max is a fully automated spray tender system; allows you to simply enter acres or total gallons, sprayer application rate, and chemical rate per acre. QuickDraw will then calculate the amount of each chemical in the batch, including manually added chemicals. The key QuickDraw Max characteristics include:

  • Automatically meter 6 products. Manually add up to 5 products for every batch.
  • Creates a log of every batch loaded. Log file is downloadable via iPad for required record keeping.
  • Eliminates math and calculation errors when mixing, saving you both time and cost of chemicals.
  • SureFire Farming Application communicates with QuickDraw over WiFi, allowing you to create and modify recipes and access historical records.
  • Reduces product waste, saving you money on the cost of chemicals, as well as crop protection from over-spraying.
  • SureFire support – with any SureFire Ag product purchase, you’ll have our complete life-time support installation through every use.

The SureFire QuickDraw Max system also allows you to create fertilizer recipes through the integrated touch screen display, or enter them at your convenience on an iPad and transfer them to the controller later through the built-in WiFi connection. Recipes are saved in the controller, making batches easily repeatable.

Learn more about the QuickDraw Max Automated Spray Tender System with this quick video demonstrating the QuickDraw’s key features.

In the Fall of 2016, we added the QuickDraw Light to our product lineup.  The Lite version provides mass flow measurement of chemicals with refined features and operation. QuickDraw Lite is a manual or semi-automated spray tender system. In manual operation, open a product valve, watch the display until desired chemical amount has been measured into the sprayer and close product valve. In semi-automated operation, enter the desired chemical amount, press start. When the set point is reached, the product valve automatically closes. Learn more about the QuickDraw Lite here.

Adding either of the QuickDraw spray tendering systems to your farm this winter will help you be locked and loaded for spring farming and fertilization, allowing you to hit the year running with added efficiency and accuracy in your farming operations.

For more information about both QuickDraw Automatic Spray Tender systems, click here. If you have any questions or would like a quote for the QuickDraw Max or Lite, please contact us today.

Stay tuned, next week we will be detailing a recent trip Matt Wolters, QuickDraw Product Manger, took to California to present the system at the 50th Annual National Agricultural Aviation Association Convention & Exposition.