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SureFire Improves the Marksman Fertigation System with You in Mind

SureFire Ag - Marksman SystemSureFire Ag released the Marksman, a custom fertigation and chemigation system, in 2016 with a couple of goals in mind.  

First, we wanted to increase accuracy by allowing you to see how much was being applied.  With the Marksman, you no longer have to draw a line on your tank, and come back in an hour to see if your tank level dropped the right amount, hoping you have applied the correct rate.  Most fertigation pumps rely on a theoretical flow based on a pump stroke setting.  The Marksman however is a systems approach with the same reliability SureFire is known for in the mobile application world.  With the Marksman, you set it and forget it. 

Secondly, our goal is reduction of labor costs.  Most fertigation pumps require several visits during a day to check the filter and tank level.  With the SureFire Marksman Remote Connectivity Package, you can access and monitor the system from any browser on any device. From the web browser, you can change the rate of the pump, start or stop the pump, view trend charts and set up text message alerts so you will be notified of start/stop.  

Throughout the 2016 season, we gained valuable information and took in lots of feedback from users that allowed us to make several updates to the 2017 Marksman based on your needs. 

SureFire Ag Marksmans System Undergoes UpdatesWe are very excited to introduce Marksman with the extremely durable Hydra-Cell pump.  The Hydra-Cell pump is a durable industrial grade pump with years of use in fertigation and chemigation applications.  We also offer the Marksman with the ability to control your existing pump and low pressure 12 volt options.  Custom tank skids with mechanical agitation are also available.

SureFire has made several feature enhancements to the controller and website. Based off what we know about some water flow meters commonly used by growers, we enhanced our water proportional control algorithm to work with some of the more common water flow meter models already out in the field.  The water proportional control feature allows the Marksman to change the chemical or fertilizer flow rate in response to the change in water flow such as on a corner swing arm pivot.

SureFire engineers have also improved modem connectivity, which allows a more consistent communication between the Marksman and the Marksman webpage so you have better access to your information. The Marksman webpage also received a face-lift; a significant amount of time was spent making the site more user-friendly. You can now easily navigate between different Marksman units and download application data.  

Additionally, SureFire added a battery to all the Marksman models. This battery will allow the Marksman to alert you that a power loss has stopped the Marksman. You no longer have to guess when the Marksman quit applying because you will be notified by text message with the remote access features the modem brings.  Watch this short video to learn more about the Marksman System:

One of the largest almond growers in California had this to say about Marksman, “We had to start up the irrigation system and it was 1 ½ hours away from my location. I simply used my cell phone and the Marksman website to start the unit and set the rate. Saved me a 3-hour trip just to start the irrigation system.” She went on to say the following, “We have determined that by using the Marksman system it will save us around 52% of the driving time that our workers do just to check on an injection application at an irrigation unit. This makes it pretty easy to show the payback on the Marksman System just in gas savings and optimizing our labor force over thousands of acres.”

Interested in adding the SureFire Marksman system to your lineup? Click here for more information about the product and click here to request a quote.