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The PumpRight Advantage

SureFire Pumpright Agriculture TechnologyIf you are looking to control your liquid application with the same precision as your seed, the SureFire PumpRight is the ideal solution.  With four different sizes offered, a SureFire application control expert can help you choose the one that is right for your needs, up to 55 GPM.  Key features include:

Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Hydraulic Valve – The PWM “control valve” is a complete motor mounted assembly which minimizes external plumbing.  PWM solenoid valve regulates oil flow and turns off flow when commanded to by the controller.  The valve is compatible with power beyond hydraulics with addition of load sense line to the tractor.

Positive Displacement – One revolution of the pump shaft results in a specific volume of flow.

Suction – PumpRight pumps develop suction and thus are self-priming.  There are no seals to ruin and it is impossible for the system to develop an air lock.  Implement mounted pumps will easily pull liquid from tractor or trailer mounted tanks.

Easy Installation – PumpRight pumps are designed for easy installation and setup.  The complete pump, with direct-couple hydraulic motor, hydraulic flow control, and flow meter are affixed to the mounting bracket at the factory.  The provided mounting bracket easily attaches to tubes from 4” to 8” wide.

Multiple Control Options – PumpRight pumps are compatible with John Deere, Ag Leader, Trimble, CASE, Topcon, Dickey-John, AGCO, and SureFire control systems.