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Torpedo NH3 Application


Cover more acres in less time…

Anhydrous ammonia application has changed over the decades; Equipment has changed to cover ground faster. Tractor horsepower has increased, implements have become wider and designed to travel faster, the application season has extended further into the fall resulting in cooler temperatures during application. Struggling to achieve your target rate without having to slow down? Concerned about row to row accuracy when the manifolds were designed for a higher speed but are forced to reduce speed to achieve target rate? SureFire Anhydrous Ammonia Systems are complete systems;

  • High capacity delivery
  • Stainless steel, fully assembled and pressure tested metering/control
  • Industry leading manifold distribution accuracy
  • Direct interface to most control platforms – John Deere, Trimble, AgLeader, Micro-Trak, Raven, Topcon
  • Engineered systems to meet today’s demands complete from tanks to shanks

Field Proven – Precision application of anhydrous ammonia with unmatched capacity and distribution accuracy.

Manuals and Brochures

Torpedo NH3 Application System Brochure

ATTENTION: Starting November 2018, Flow calibration numbers on Torpedo NH3 systems have changed. Click here for more info

SureFire Torpedo NH3 for JD Rate Controller 2000 (JDRC 2000)
SureFire Torpedo NH3 for JD GreenStar Rate Controller
SureFire Torpedo NH3 for Trimble Field-IQ
SureFire Torpedo NH3 for Ag Leader

SureFire Torpedo NH3 for Pro 700 and AccuControl
QuickStart Card for Torpedo NH3 for Pro 700 and AccuControl

SureFire Torpedo NH3 for Commander II
QuickStart Card for Commander II Torpedo NH3 System