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Row Crop Planter

SureFire fertilizer systems are custom designed to meet your application needs and are complete with everything you need so you can get planting faster and easier than ever before.  Whether you have a John Deere, Case, Kinze, or any other type of planter, SureFire has developed kits to custom fit your particular setup.

SureFire Ag systems are compatible with John Deere Rate Control, Ag Leader, Trimble, Raven, Micro-Trak, Dickey John, Topcon, Agco, and Case as well as a few others.  The integration of a SureFire system into multi-function platforms is a seamless process. Our technical manuals provide detailed instructions to get you running in no time.

SureFire has the extensive experience to meet your specific application needs, whether applying low-volume nutritional products or standard 28% or 32% through a fertilizer opener.   The Tower electric pump is used for low-volume scenarios.  The PumpRight series of hydraulically driven diaphragm pumps is used for higher rate applications typically applied beside the row or on the surface.

SureFire offers two manifold and distribution solutions to accurately deliver the product to each row.  Standard flow indicator and orifice systems are used for easy flowing products.  Metering tube plumbing is used for the more viscous products with tendencies of plugging orifice systems.  If you want to apply it we’ll make sure it’s done right!


Manuals and Brochures:

Row Crop Brochure