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Potato Application

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As with most SureFire liquid solutions, potato application systems are quite varied in where, what, and how much is applied.

For the field preparation stage SureFire has worked to develop the hydraulically driven Odyssey Pump which handles Telone™, Vapam, and other fumigants across a broad range of flows.

SureFire potato planter liquid systems often include dual product application of fertilizer and fungicide at slow ground speeds from 2-4 mph.  The complete Accelerator system has been an ideal turn-key solution for many potato planter systems as it incorporates tank, pump, controller, and row plumbing, customized to meet your needs.

Fertilizer systems range from a couple gallons per acre to 70-80 gpa.  Rates beyond this are achievable with the proper pump.  For low rate fertilizer application the Tower electric pump system is the right solution.  High rate fertilizer application is achieved using the PumpRight hydraulically driven pump system.  Variable rate fertilizer application is not uncommon on potato planters and requires customization to insure optimal success.

Fungicide products are typically sprayed over the row prior to closing the furrow.  These products are often relatively high priced and hard on pumps and other components.  The hydraulically driven Odyssey pump has been built to handle these harsh chemicals.  One of the most common fungicides used is Ridomil.

These systems are compatible with most control platforms including John Deere, Trimble, Ag Leader, SureFire dual product controller, and Commander II.

Potato Planter Liquid Application Systems