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Sentinel Logo Final.8.12.2015

SureFire is proud to introduce our Sentinel row flow/blockage monitor developed in conjunction with our partner, ARAG. The Sentinel system allows in cab monitoring of the fertilizer flow to every row of a planter or applicator. This replaces the floating ball flow monitor with an in cab display and alarm to immediately alert the operator when the flow for any row is above or below the intended rate. Whether it is a plugged row or a leak, the operator will know immediately. This will nearly eliminate a crop planted without the proper fertilizer or pesticide.

The Sentinel meter uses the same electromagnetic flow meter technology as SureFire has used in our application systems for many years. These flowmeters are accurate without the need for calibration and have no moving parts. The Sentinel meter is a group of 4 flow meters. Sentinel can be split to measure flow to two rows at once and still detect flow reductions due to restrictions on either row.

  • Much more than a blockage monitor,Sentinel also lets you know when flow is slightly reduced, not just completely blocked.
  • Sentinel works great for prescription application. Sentinel’s auto-rate feature measures and calculates the average rate of all rows and identifies rows under or over this variable prescription rate.
  • Flows are displayed in both gallons per minute and gallons per acre to easily understand system performance.
  • Companion sized Sentinel display is only 3″ x 5″ to easily fit in the cab.
  • Audio alarm alerts the operator within seconds when a row is under or over applying.
  • Independent set points for % over or % under rate.
  • Sentinel can be split to measure flow to two rows and still detect flow reductions due to partially blocked rows. Use a 3 module (12 flow meter system) to monitor a 24 row planter in this fashion.

Sentinel Brochure
Sentinel Mounting Instructions
Sentinel / VISIO Setup and Operating Instructions