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Sentinel Rate Control

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We are excited to announce that SureFire Ag’s popular row monitoring system known as Sentinel, has recently been engineered to do rate control too! SureFire introduced the Sentinel™ Rate Controller in 2020 to bring rate control and liquid row monitoring on one Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

User Friendly Rate Control
SurFire’s ISOBUS Rate Controller is compatible with all most ISOBUS displays. It uses the same ECU as Sentinel Row Monitor, allowing you to get two features out of the same hardware. This technology, the result of 15 years of rate control experience, brings you a unique, intuitive user experience. With simplified setup and customizable user screens, the operator will be setup and running quickly.

Announcing – Sentinel Row Control!
Sentinel Row Control allows you to control the application rate of each row using the Sentinel Row Control Valve installed on every row. Utilizing the Sentinel E-mag Flow Meter Module, Sentinel Row Flow Control accurately and reliably measures flow to each row and ensures that you achieve the desired application rate every time. Limited release for 2021

Manuals and Brochures

Sentinel™ ISO Manual for Liquid Installation and Setup – 4035
Sentinel™ Rate Control for PumpRight System – 4953
Sentinel™ Rate Control for Tower Electric System – 4954

Sentinel Rate Control Instructional Videos