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The SureBatch Precision Liquid Meter pumps and accurately meters liquids to be injected, sprayed, or added to any liquid or dry material.  Uses include applying treatments to dry fertilizer, liquid manure, seed treatment, and injecting micro-nutrients in fertilizer batches.

The SureBatch comes with 3 operating modes: Batch By Time, Batch by Rate, or Flow Rate Continuous.  You have the ability to store up to 4 different recipes for your application needs.  Once the recipe is loaded, you have the ability to start a batch with a 6-function key-fob remote for an external start.  The SureBatch is available in 12V DC and 120V AC options.

SureBatch Brochure

System Manuals

SureBatch Manual with 12 VDC pump for rate and batch control
High Pressure SureBatch with 110 VAC pump for batch control
High Pressure SureBatch Quick Start Card