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Wireless Valve Control

Wireless Valve Control

SureFire’s Wireless Valve Control eliminates the challenges of utilizing multiple tanks in different locations.   When you have a combination of implement mounted, tractor mounted, and/or cart mounted tanks each tank will fill and empty at a different rate.  The Wireless Valve Control makes it easy, convenient, and hassle free to manage the level of all tanks from anywhere.

The Wireless Valve Control consists of a Key Fob remote with the ability to control up to 8 different valves and a Control Module which can control up to 4 electric valves.  Utilize two control modules per remote for 8 valve applications.


Utilize a single fill location and the Wireless Valve Control to open and close tanks at the appropriate times.  Eliminate crawling over/under machinery to close manual valves or jumping in the tractor to flip hardwired switches.

In the Field

Never leave the comfort of your cab.  As tanks discharge at different rates use the remote to close when empty.  In severe terrain conditions utilize the Wireless Valve Control to prevent tractor saddles from overflowing as gravity moves product to the lower side of the tractor.

 System Manuals

Wireless Valve Controller Manual