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Atwood Farmer Wins Yield Contest using SureFire Ag Systems Products

Nathan Franklin Yield Contest winner with SureFire AgNathan Franklin, a local Rawlins and Thomas County farmer, was recently recognized for having the highest yield in Kansas in the National Corn Growers Association annual contest with a remarkable yield of 305.8542 bushels per acre. He has entered a total of five times, beginning in 2011; this year marks the first time he won top honors.

Franklin dedicated an entire field to the contest, entering the No-Till/Strip-Till irrigated category. He credits the cooperation of the weather with good rain toward the end of the growing season, as well as, his operation’s new fertigation rounds fitted with SureFire Ag’s Marksman System. “I really like that thing,” Franklin said. “It works really, really well.”

SureFire Marksman System The Marksman Precision Irrigation System provides a method for applying measured and accurate fertilization within the center pivot irrigation system. The Marksman allows for accurate application of fertilizer, stored records of application, and when paired with SureFire’s remote monitoring system, control is managed through a hand-held phone device.

Franklin also applied fertilizer through a strip-till bar and utilized SureFire’s pump product the PumpRight, that ensures positive displacement resulting in predictable output. “I’m really happy with the pump. I have no problems with it and it really helps me a lot with accuracy,” he said.

As a result of his win, Franklin will have an opportunity to go to the Commodity Classic in San Antonio where he will be presented a plaque for winning. He was also the winner of the local yield contest and will be given an award and a cash prize for producing the highest yield in the region.

Franklin thinks the biggest advantage of the contest is the opportunity to try new practices. It gives him the motivation to think outside the box and be willing to take a risk. After winning this year, Franklin mentioned he will begin implementing these practices in his overall operation in the coming year.