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SureFire Ag Products Debut Across the Country!

SureFire Ag Demo Days in CaliforniaSureFire Ag Systems has teamed up with John Deere Dealers in California and Arizona to introduce our systems to markets across the country. Last week we held SureFire Demo Days where we worked with the individual dealers to train their staff on our systems and had each dealer invite key customers in to see our products for the first time. We traveled from Yuma, AZ to Yuba City, CA and were fortunate to see virtually every crop in in the Southwest.

The John Deere Dealers are a great fit for SureFire Ag Systems as the John Deere Rate Controller 2000 is a great product when coupled with our systems. Farmers in this region are looking for an upgrade to their existing components and want a true system approach for their fertilizer and chemical applications. One dealer mentioned, “I spent 2-days last summer piecing together components for a fertilizer application and that is something SureFire could have done in a few minutes.” At SureFire, we pride ourselves  on taking the complexity out of building a system so the dealer and farmer can be up and running easily. Couple that with prompt delivery of a customized system and a support team, farmers around the country are off to a great start.

SureFire Ag Systems also introduced the Marksman Irrigation Injection and Monitoring System during these demonstrations with great success. The Marksman system allows the farmer to make fertilizer or chemical injections into the irrigation system with the peace of mind it will be right. Marksman not only monitors the flow of the injection but we also control the speed of the pump to be able to hit the exact rate required. Additionally, a cell modem to sends data on the injection every 10 minutes giving you have a huge labor savings. A customer in California told us he used to have several employees who would have to sit and wait for an injection to be completed before they could move onto the next one. This could take from 1 – 2 hours. With Marksman, you set up the unit, hit start, and walk away. The Marksman unit with the cell modem will notify you if there are any issues and when the injection is complete. This allows one operator to manage multiple fertilizer or chemical injections all from their cell phone. Marksman also keeps detailed records of the entire injection process to help comply with existing regulations. Marksman is changing the way fertilizer and chemical injections are managed across the USA.

The Quickdraw Spray Tender System was a big hit with customers in the Permanent Crop market. Quickdraw simplifies the mixing process, virtually eliminates chemical exposure, helps to manage inventory and provides that all important record keeping which is required in virtually every state. SureFire will have a demo unit placed in the Merced, CA area this summer and we will be inviting multiple interested customers to see the system at work on an almond ranch.

A big thanks to the John Deere Dealers who supported SureFire Ag Systems with our Demo Days. RDO Equipment, Cal-Coast Machinery, Kern Machinery, Lawrence Tractor, Fresno Equipment, Thomason Tractor, Belkorp Ag and Valley Truck and Tractor. We also want to thank the John Deere Corporate staff that supported this event and help promote the John Deere Rate Controller 2000.

If you would like more information about any of the products listed in this blog or would like to set up a demonstration event at your dealership, please contact us.