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Quikdraw New Photo

SureFire announced in 2014 its automatic spray tender, Quickdraw. This automatic spray tender system has been nominated as a top 5 ground breaking product of 2015, as voted by The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. Quickdraw has also been selected as a 2016 FINovation Honoree.

Quickdraw can produce up to a six-chemical spray batch of 1,200 gallons in under 10 min. Up to 5 additional chemicals can be added manually and accounted for in the records. The batch size can be altered and Quickdraw will automatically recalculate the mixing formula. Each batch is documented and available for wireless upload to an iPad, up to 250 batches.

Blaine Ginther, Josh Wolters and Matt Wolters developed the idea in late 2011. The project was headed up by Albert Popp and Dirk Ricker, who were the main electrical engineers, and Jim Adams, who was the main mechanical engineer. They began working on the Quickdraw in January 2012 and it was eventually released to the market in 2014.Check out our Quickdraw product page.