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SureFire Winterization of Agricultural Fertilization Equipment and TractorsIn order to prepare for the onset of winter and colder temperatures, please winterize your SureFire equipment by:

  1. Flush your SureFire System with sufficient water to ensure all fertilizer and/or chemical is purged. This typically requires 50 to 150 gallons of water. Ensuring that all fertilizer is flushed out will prevent salt-out and crystallization over the winter. If not flushed properly this can result in significant frustration the following spring with plugging orifices, metering tubes, filters, and cracking pumps.
  2. Circulate RV Antifreeze, or specific winterization flush solution, through the entire system. Once all of the components are full, stop pumping, leaving antifreeze in the system. The antifreeze in the system prevents seals, gaskets, and pump diaphragms from being exposed to dry winter air resulting in significantly increased life. For more information on how to run your controller while sitting still, see our support page for your specific controller.