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Is Your Application Rate Fluctuating? Remedy it with these Steps!

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SureFire Ag - JDRC 2000 Application Rate

SureFire Ag - JDRC 2000 Application RateAround the country as farmers are beginning their planting and fertilizing for spring the question sometimes comes up regarding fluctuations in the application rates as they go across the field. This could be the result of a few things. This blog will walk you through the steps to identify the cause of the bounces in rates and how to correct things to ensure you’re applying uniform product across the field.

First, some bouncing in rates occurs all the time. Many controllers don’t show this on the screen because of a feature commonly known as Rate Smoothing. When Rate Smoothing is turned on, if the actual Applied Rate is within the Rate Smoothing % bounds, the controller shows the Applied Rate as being locked on to the Target Rate. Read more…