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Testing Your SureFire Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Posted Support.

SureFire Ag FlowMeter

Electromagnetic flowmeter on a Tower 110 system.All SureFire pumps are paired with an electromagnetic flowmeter; these devices are designed to ensure the rate of flow of fertilizer, or other product, passing through SureFire pumps is distributed at the correct flow. These meters allow for extreme accuracy and fewer problems, making them an integral component of a SureFire system. Unlike a traditional turbine-type meter, the electromagnetic flowmeter has no moving parts to wear or jam. The liquid is measured as it flows through the inner tube between two electrodes. The beauty of these flowmeters is once the meter has been calibrated, it will be accurate for any other conductive liquid, without the need for recalibration as the density or viscosity of the product changes.

In the image on the left, you can see the SureFire electromagnetic flowmeter on a Tower 110 system.

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