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Attention: SureFire Rolls Out a New Phone System

Posted Support.

SureFire Phone Number

SureFire Phone Number In a continued effort to better support our customers and meet their needs, the SureFire team has debuted a new phone system. We have upgraded to a cloud-based VoIP system which will offer our team and our customers many more features than before; most notably, it will efficiently handle the increased phone traffic coming in to the SureFire team.

As a result of the change, it’s important to note we are only using three main phone numbers for SureFire Ag and SureFire Electronics. If you have other, old numbers saved in your phones, please take a moment to update your contact list to ensure you’ll be able to reach us.

The SureFire Ag phone numbers are as follows:

  • 785-626-3670
  • 866-626-3670

The SureFire Electronics main office phone number is as follows:

  • 785-626-9326

Please note: all other SureFire Ag phone numbers have now been disabled. To reach the SureFire sales team, customer service, or for any other reason, calls must be placed to one of these three numbers.

The new phone system will allow our team advanced features to better connect and serve our customers. Team members can now check voicemail while out of the office and our organization can now more easily manage call volume.

If you have any questions or trouble contacting us via the phone system, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website. We look forward to continue serving you to the best of our ability.