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Troubleshooting: Hydraulic Pump Won’t Turn

Posted Support.

SureFire Ag PumpRight hydraulic pump SureFire Ag PumpRight hydraulic pump

Help! My hydraulic pump won’t turn. If you find yourself in this situation, the SureFire Ag support team is here to help.

There are two components involved in making the hydraulic pump run—hydraulic and electric. There must be hydraulic oil going through the valve block to turn the hydraulic motor to turn the pump. In normal application mode, the PWM signal from the controller energizes the solenoid on the valve block. This causes the proportional valve that is located inside the solenoid to open, allowing hydraulic oil to flow, which turns the pump. If the pump is not turning, we must determine which part of the system is not functioning as it should. Use this guide to help you troubleshoot and check for issues. Refer to the manuals for each controller at the end of the blog for further help.

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